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Offbeat Tales

November 14, 2012

“. . . Harry Crews grew up poor in south Georgia, living in ‘the kind of places where you could lay awake at night and look through the roof and see the stars’ . . . After a stint in the Marines, Crews became a fiction writer, a creator of bizarre, offbeat tales of kinky characters in the Southern Gothic style . . . In 1968 Crews began teaching writing at the University of Florida, where he attempted to do for his students ‘what a good editor would do . . . A good editor always leaves the writer with the feeling that what he wants to do, has been trying to do, is possible’ . . . In 1988 Crews left the University of Florida behind to further immerse himself in his writing, which he sees as ‘a failure in myself, but the impulse to write has been more important to me than love, than friendship, than loyalty, or in many instances, human compassion.'” – James P. Goss, Pop Culture Florida, 2000