Make Something Happen

August 9, 2009

“. . . domesticity just bores the living shit out of me. And when I get bored, I have to go out and make something happen. And wives don’t take kindly to that. They send you out for a loaf of bread, and you come back three days later all beat and broken up and full of vomit. They naturally don’t like that.” —Harry Crews, Getting Naked with Harry Crews


Harry Crews on Writing, Part 2

August 6, 2009

Harry Crews on Writing, Part 1

July 30, 2009

Survival is Triumph Enough

July 25, 2009

Lakes of Fire

July 22, 2009

“Hell came right along with God, hand in hand. The stink of sulfur swirled in the air of the church, fire burned in the aisles, and brimstone rained out of the rafters. From the evangelist’s oven mouth spewed images of a place with pitchforks, and devils, and lakes of fire that burned forever. God had fixed a place like that because he loved us so much.” —Harry Crews, A Childhood: The Biography of a Place, 1978

Harry Crews on “The Dennis Miller Show,” 1992

July 14, 2009

Harry Crews discusses his latest novel, Scar Lover, on “The Dennis Miller Show,” February 4, 1992.

A Shirt Full of Puke

June 27, 2009

“Alcohol whipped me. Alcohol and I had many, many marvelous times together. We laughed, we talked, we danced at the party together; then one day I woke up and the band had gone home and I was lying in the broken glass with a shirt full of puke and I said, ‘Hey, man, the ball game’s up.'”
Harry Crews, quoted in Getting Naked with Harry Crews (edited by Erik Bledsoe, University of Florida Press, 1999)